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Be One of Our Sponsors


Obviously there needs to be a “Measurable Return” on your investment as a Founding Sponsor or Co-Sponsor who may at times position money magnitude. We are very pleased to announce that you will garner not just local California exposure, but you will experience National and Global Exposure by way of our very gifted and highly experienced “Global Marketing Team”.

We project that our planned “Viral Marketing Campaign”, Web Media Blitz, Traditional Electronic and Print Media Advertising will deliver the type of exposure that your company expects. We have on board experienced Television Executives, Streaming Video Pros, Print and Radio Media Executives who are locked and loaded, and ready to do their finest work with our planned Ad Placements, Marketing Campaigns and “Press Conferences” leading up to the Main Event.

We are confident that we will yield well over 50 Million Global Consumer Impressions. Besides being able to interact with countless “Legends of Boxing”, you will also have “All Access” to several iconic Athletes, VIP Guests, and Celebrities on behalf of an event of this magnitude.

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