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Dedication. Passion. Determination

Who We Are

Concerts For Humanity Inc. is a divinely inspired organization founded by Shirley Maxwell in August 2007. Shirley is a former social worker and entertainment consultant. In February 2014, we’re granted 501(c) (3) status by the IRS.

Our nonprofit group strives to make a difference through our fundraising concerts in local, national, and international areas.

 What We Do

Concerts for Humanity For Humanity Inc. is particularly concerned about charities who have experience severe budget cuts, or those who have not been able to acquire needed funding. Concerts For Humanity Inc. focuses on these areas because charitable giving has also decreased in the wake of financial reductions in the budgets from government assistance, private individuals, and many philanthropic organizations.

It is the belief of the board that we are our brother’s keepers. Hence our service focus is not limited to any region. However, America is our home, and charity does start at home first and foremost.

Concerts For Humanity Inc. is Entertainment Based and Social Service Driven. This means that the ability to Execute the divinely inspired mission is accomplished through the utilization of the UNIVERSAL LANGAUAGE OF MUSIC to bring our appeal to the masses in the form of Concert Events. The appeal is greatly enhanced by Luminaries and Celebrities who partake in the events. The Image and Likeness of Award-Winning Recording Artists, Sports Figures and others through local, national or international fundraising events serve as a great enhancement.

The artistry of cinematography, social media, mainstream media and word of mouth are the other essential tools that are employed to enable us to reach the masses in our appeal for financial and in-kind support from the local, national and international public.

Participation by luminaries in the fields of Entertainment, Sports, Business, and Financial communities will generate considerable local, national and international exposure because of their stature endorsements, popularity, and Concerts For Humanity’s marketing and public relations efforts.

Mission Statement

The mission of Concerts For Humanity Inc. is to financially assist charities without limitation of location locally, nationally or internationally whose focus is to eradicate or ease Human Suffering in areas such as but not limited to:

                  • Homelessness
                  • Hunger
                  • Illness
  • Military Families and Veterans
  • Natural Disaster Driven Problems

Our Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions by downloading the PDF file below.

Terms and Conditions 

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