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“Human Suffering is an equal opportunity oppressor, blind to race, skin color and regional locations”

-Shirley M. Maxwell, MSW

Every Dollar Makes a Difference

Concerts For Humanity Inc. aims to execute our divinely inspired mission through the power of music. We make our concerts engaging and enjoyable as possible by inviting popular artists, athletes, and other influential people. We appeal for financial and in-kind support through social media, word of mouth, and other marketing and public relation efforts.

If you’re interested in funding our concerts in local, national, and international areas, feel free to contact us for more details. Thank you for your generous support! No amount is too small if it genuinely comes from the heart.


Your tax-deductible support enables us to produce other military events, adhere to our organization’s mission of assisting military families, veterans, and homeless people, lending a hand during disaster-driven situations, and eradication of hunger and certain illnesses.

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      • Other

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Our Mission Includes, but not Limited to: Eradicating or Easing Pain and Suffering

  • Homelessness
  • Hunger
  • Illness
        • Disaster Driven Situations
  • Veterans and Military Families

Your tax-deductible support enables us to produce other military events, adhere to our organizations for our mission of assisting: military families, veterans, the homeless, disaster driven situations, eradication of hunger, and certain illnesses. Marketing and public relations efforts.

The artistry of cinematography, social media, mainstream media, marketing and public relations efforts and word of mouth are the other essential tools that are employed to enable us to reach the masses in our appeal for financial and in-kind support from the local, national and international public.

Thank you for your generous support no amount is too small when given from the heart!

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