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Our Team

Shirley M. Maxwell, MSW

Shirley Maxwell did not follow the usual and customary path in the entertainment community. She graduated from Jane Addams College of Social Work/University of Illinois Circle Campus with a Master’s Degree in Social Welfare.

She acquired a Bachelor of Sociology from the University of Arkansas, a Grant Writing Certificate from the University of Michigan’s Continuing Education Department, and a Management Certificate from the Human Service Institute in Chicago, Illinois. In further preparation for her business ventures, she successfully completed entrepreneurial training through CHARO, a small business development center in East Los Angeles California and the Vermont Slauson Economic Development Center. Her diverse education, employment, and training have proven to be a great asset when working with the personality complexities she encounters.

An avid lover of the arts, Shirley Maxwell’s experience in the film industry began in Chicago in 1986 as a favor to a friend to assist the late film producer Jimmy Sphinx with extras casting. Her first MAJOR assisted casting project was “The Color Money” starring Tom Cruise and the late Paul Newman, filmed by the phenomenal Martin Scorsese (Film Director, Producer, Writer, Actor and Film Historian. While providing extras casting in Chicago, she met Michael Mann who was impressed with her casting services for the television series Crime Stories; Mann was the series director.

She worked on a part-time basis assisting casting services with the acquisition of regular and hard to find extras for various projects. Her casting clients ranged from newborn babies to adults, who were placed on several top grossing film projects, commercials, television shows, and music videos.

Too numerous to list, her assisted projects in Chicago and California include movie hits such as: “The Color of Money,” “The Untouchables,” "Blade," "City of Angels," "Dr. Doolittle" and “The Color Purple.” This eventually led to her starting an artist development service for kids and adults. Shirley developed her daughter Paulette in various aspects of the arts, and managed her career from age 9. One of her daughter's career highlights is her successful acquisition of writing the theme song for “All Of Us,” a nationally syndicated comedy show produced by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Shirley expanded to Film Financing for independent producers and later to Film Packaging and Distribution. Shirley collaborated with screenwriter Yougnesse Williams to co-write her screenplay "Step Or Play". She also worked as a consultant with Nandar Studios as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales. Shirley later formed Concerts For Humanity Inc. an IRS approved 501 (C) (3) entertainment based, social service driven non-profit organization/charity.

Concerts For Humanity Inc. primarily utilizes the combined power of music/concert events, as well as the celebrity and talents of award winning recording artists and others to garner financial support for selected charities which address adversities such as, but not limited to: clean water, homelessness, hunger, military families and veterans, natural disaster driven problems, heart, cancer, and health issues.

Marusia Stoeva-McGinnis

Director of Operations

My strength is business ops and business development.

  Fluent in English and Bulgarian.

Previous and current job title is Operations Manager… job required project management and sales administration. Worked closely with C level managers, analyzing, strategist for higher revenue production and sales pipeline expansion.

Certifications: professional certifications as accounting associate, Accounts receivables management. Received six sigma white and yellow belts this are certifications related to business operations. Professional certificate in business leadership, business development and business analysis. My second certificate is in business development.

Valerie Allen, Founder/CEO of Heavy Hitters

Prior to becoming a certified promoter in Wisconsin, Valerie is a former professional boxing manager for more than 12 years. Her years of experience allowed her to expand her social and professional network which became essential in laying the groundwork of Heavy Hitters Promotions.

Valerie is also a natural philanthropist in her community aiming to make a bigger impact on homelessness, anti-bullying, cancer awareness, substance abuse issues, Special Olympics, etc. She has more than 20 years of experience as a community in-home certified counselor in social services as well as in the alcohol and drug counseling field.

Valerie’s experiences made Heavy Hitters Promotions an avenue for combating community problems by putting the aggression in the boxing ring. 

Tawanna Chamberlain, Publicist, Author, and Creative Director

A.k.a “The Posh Publicist”

Ms. Chamberlain is the owner and creative director of The Posh Firm, a full-service public relations firm based in the beautiful Tampa Bay Area. The Posh Firm, which is located in Clearwater, Florida, is just minutes away from the award-winning, coveted Clearwater Beach. This upscale PR firm specializes in publicity, branding, and marketing. Ms. Chamberlain began her career in Public Relations more 

than 15 years ago.

She earned Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from Georgia Southern University. Since entering the field of PR, Ms. Chamberlain has worked for both corporate and nonprofit sectors as a PR practitioner, assistant marketing director, and brand strategist. In addition to her undergraduate degree in PR, she has also earned advanced degrees/certifications in human communications, advertising. Ms. Chamberlain is currently pursuing her MBA with an emphasis in Marketing.

Ms. Chamberlain is passionate about seeing people actualize their goals, dreams, and aspirations. Before relocating to Florida, this Motown {Detroit} native, has also lived and worked in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Ms. Chamberlain is a mom, a makeup artist, a former event planner, the author of “Posh-itivity: 23 Ways to a Posh & Positive Life!,” and the executive director of her nonprofit organization, Poised For Success Leadership Academy, Inc. Recently, Ms. Chamberlain took home the titles Miss Women in Business Florida 2018 and 2019 Arts/Media/Entertainment honoree of the Tampa Bay (Black) Girls Rock award.

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