Shirley Maxwell did not follow the usual and customary path in the entertainment community. She graduated from Jane Addams College of Social Work/University of Illinois Circle Campus with a Master’s Degree in Social Welfare. She acquired a Bachelor of Sociology from the University of Arkansas, a Grant Writing Certificate from the University of Michigan’s Continuing Education Department, and a Management Certificate from the Human Service Institute in Chicago, Illinois. In further preparation for her business ventures, she successfully completed entrepreneurial training through CHARO, a small business development center in East Los Angeles California and the Vermont Slauson Economic Development Center.

Her diverse education, Social Work employment, and entertainment experience in: Casting, Artist Development, Film Financing, Film Packaging, Distribution, and Marketing and Sales have proven to be a great asset when working with the personality complexities she encounters. She particularly enjoyed working with the successful movie Producer/Director Michael Mann and the late Jimmy Sphinx (also a film Producer). Her first assisted casting project was “The Color Money” starring Tom Cruise and the late Paul Newman, filmed by the phenomenal Martin Scorsese (Film Director, Producer, Writer, Actor and Film Historian).  Shirley expanded to Film Financing for independent producers and later to Film Packaging and Distribution. Shirley collaborated with screenwriter Yougnesse Williams to co-write her screenplay “Step or Play”.  She also worked as a consultant with Nandar Studios as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

Shirley later formed Concerts For Humanity Inc. an IRS approved 501 (C) (3) entertainment based social service driven non-profit organization/charity.  Concerts For Humanity primarily utilizes the combined power of music/concert events, as well as the celebrity and talents of award winning recording artists and others to garner financial support for selected charities which address adversities such as, but not limited to: clean water, homelessness, hunger, military families and veterans, natural disaster driven problems, heart, cancer, and health issues.

Maxine Johnson Farrington

Maxine Johnson-Farrington, a native Floridian, who also holds residency status
in Nassau, Bahamas and former resident of Las Vegas moved back to Los
Angeles in 2007. She is a former model/actress for Revlon, Canadian Mist,
Benson cigarettes, Vogue & Glamour magazines. Maxine was represented
by two agencies, Michele Pommier, Miami and the late Nina Blanchard, Los
Angeles. She has graced several albums covers for Warner & CBS records and
appeared on television with the late Merv Griffin as a guest model. Her film
credits with the late Leo McKern brought special recognition as a newcomer
and the movie “Rumpole Returns” won Mr. McKern an award from the Cannes
Film Festival. Maxine starred as “Tiffany Jones”.
She was an Executive Producer/Partner with Wemus Productions out of
Houston, who have now moved their offices to Los Angeles.
As a former flight attendant for Pan Am, National, Eastern and Continental
Airlines, she is extremely world traveled and versed in international cultures.
Her customer services skills are impeccable.
Maxine is now an independent contractor in the transportation medium.
She is the President/CEO of her own company, Farrington & Associates, an
airport greeting service. A passion for offering a continuing service after a
client’s aircraft has arrived at the airport. As a Travel Coordinator, Maxine
provides the following: Airport transfers, Personal Meet & Greet, Group
Shuttle Service and Special Events transfers, site inspections, facility tours, and
concierge services of top restaurants and entertainment venues throughout
Nevada, California and South Florida.
Maxine has offered her services for the planned Concerts for Humanity
upcoming event in September 2018, as Executive Consultant/Travel.

Marusya McGinnes is an Executive Assistant to the CEO of Macfarlane Group. As a lead administrative professional Marusya provides also assistance to all C-level executives. Her position with the company requires from her to play multiple roles, serve as liaison between departments and coordinator between all office locations. Some of her responsibilities are calendar maintenance, preparation of correspondence and technical presentations, coordination of travel arrangements, charity events, private parties, company Her skills in researching and negotiating helped her save MacFarlane

Group $100,000 during 2014. She has over 5 years of office management experience and over 6 years as an executive assistant.

Marusya graduated from the Technical University of Sofia in Bulgaria with a bachelor degree in Management in 2004. She has earned multiple professional certificates, and currently is enrolled in Accounting, Project Management and Administration Database courses. Marusya also studies Theology. During her college years Marusya enrolled in a student exchange program, thus giving her the opportunity to travel and explore new territories, countries and people. Marusya gained the unique experience to work and communicate with people from all cultural and national backgrounds.

Marusya is highly competent, motivated and enthusiastic. Very well organized, proactive and efficient. She is a person with big hopes and visions. Her biggest dream is to be able to help others, to give hope, spread love and peace and show the suffering generations that there are people who care and who will do as promised. She has a true passion to make a difference in today’s World and believes that there is enough strength within us to make it.

Donald E. Thornton 
Founder, President and CEO 
B.U.I.L.D. Management, LLC 

Consulting • Design • Development • Management • Marketing • Media 

Donald E. Thornton is Founder, President, CEO and Director of Marketing for B.U.I.L.D. Management, LLC which was founded in 2004. B.U.I.L.D., is a global land development referral network of some of the finest and most qualified Master Planners, Developers, Architects, Engineers, Builders and Project Managers in the world. 

The acronym “B.U.I.L.D.” stands for “Businesses United In Land Development” and represents a consortium of proven world-class land development service providers that are capable of designing, developing and managing projects globally. 

Mr. Thornton is also an internationally known graphic designer, marketing director, and business consultant who was a fine art major in college. Mr. Thornton is also a dedicated “World Peace Advocate” of whom was inspired by the famous “We are the World” project co-written and performed by “Michael Jackson”. As a result, Don has artistically worked on behalf of multiple “World Peace Initiatives” for projects originating from all over the world. 

Within weeks after the tragic June 25, 2009, passing of the beloved “Michael Jackson”, aka “The King of Pop”, Mr. Thornton was called upon and appointed to be the Senior Art Director and Marketing Director for the Jackson Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. Thornton was appointed his role by his long time friend of 20 years and Jackson Family Foundation President & Co-Founder, Mr. Simon Sahouri. 

Currently, Mr. Sahouri has involved Mr. Thornton on several ventures over the years that have included the pre-development and pre-planning stages of land development projects originating from all over the world. These projects include multiple “International Travel & Tourism Themes”. 

As the President & Co-Founder of the Jackson Family Foundation, and with the authority to do so, Mr. Sahouri has authorized Mr. Thornton to negotiate, organize, and spearhead the delivery of the first ever “Jackson Family Museum & Historical Archive” which will include a “Jackson Legacy Performing Arts Center & Film Academy”

As a natural leader and creative visionary born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Mr. Thornton is committed to helping to co-create new enterprise, increased job creation and new economic developments in Ohio, the US and throughout the world. Mr. Thornton and his B.U.I.L.D. Management Team is currently formulating an accomplished team of highly skilled master planners, developers and builders to help Don deliver great business opportunity to what ever markets he is involved with. 

Mr. Thornton’s goals are to help co-create, build-out and fully establish an international tourist destination in Northeast Ohio, near the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame”, fit for a king. Mr. Thornton wants to make sure this happens in full recognition and in historic preservation of the iconic music industry family brand of the greatest and most legendary family of entertainment in the history of the world, “The Jacksons”

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